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Focused on Actionable Insights

Sciffer is into data analytics focused on media & entertainment. With a team of over 15 data scientists, Sciffer has created great products that have helped their clients:

  • Get intelligent insights from content
  • Predict the reach & time spent by viewers on TV
  • Optimally schedule content on TV
  • Optimally schedule breaks, ads and promos

Content Analytics & Optimization

Sciffer has created a number of products related to content analytics & optimization that have data science capabilities at their core:

  • Computer Vision
  • Audio & Speech Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Mixed Integer Programming based Optimization

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A Content Collaboration, Analytics & Storyboarding Platform

Extract intelligence from content by tagging the content through deep learning computer vision and audio/speech models.

  • Scene & Shot Identification
  • Identifying Actors & Emotion
  • Identifying Objects
  • Audio Transcription & Translation
  • Speaker & Tone Identification
  • Compliance such as Smoking, Drinking, etc.

A Mixed Integer Programming based Optimization Tool to Auto-Schedule Movies on Linear

Movie Optimizer suggests the most optimal schedule considering resting time, audience impressions, prediction of reach and time spent, WTP schedule, competition schedule, breaks between segments, external factors such as holidays, cricket, etc.

Optimized Usage of Content Library

  • Predict Reach & Time Spent for each Movie-Slot Combination
  • Optimize Resting Time for each Movie to Minimize Decay
  • Optimally Slot each Movie to Maximize Impressions
  • Optimally Schedule Breaks between Movie Segments

An Optimization Tool to Auto-Schedule Ads on Linear

The Ad Scheduler uses mixed integer programming to auto-schedule ads and maximizes revenues, satisfying all scheduling constraints:

  • Max Spots per Break
  • Top/Tail Spot in a Break
  • Minimum Separation
  • Exclusion & Exclusivity.
  • Client/Brand Protection
  • CPRP based Scheduling

Used by studios to efficiently manage tasks & resources in terms of efficiency & effectiveness

Studio Management System is a tool to manage studios right from the time a service order is received to creation of work orders, assigning them to editors, getting the job reviewed by QC and eventually closing the work order. It also helps track efficiency of teams.

Studio Management System has following modules:

  • Creating a roster of the studio team
  • Creating work orders & assigning tasks
  • Timesheets, task review & task closure
  • Delivery, invoicing, tracking output

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