In order to produce exceptional value for our clients, employees and shareholders, we organize our services into four main business lines, each with its own area of strength and strategies. At the same time, these segments are naturally and inextricably woven together, inspiring us to work across disciplines and geographies to deliver exceptional solutions to complex issues.

Machine Learning

1. Supervised Machine Learning

2. Unsupervised Machine Learning

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Deep Learning

1. Artificial Neural Networks

2. Autonomous Deep Learning

3. Long & Short Term Memory (LSTM)

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BARC Data - Minute-by-Minute Performance, Market, Gender, NCCS, Age Group, Competition Heat Maps.

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Optimized Promo Planning and Scheduling to minimize promo inventory consumption and to maximize both Reach and Conversion.

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Content Optimizer

1. Maximize Audience Impressions.

2. Optimal Utilization of Library.

3. Edge over Competition.

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Promo Optimizer

1. Substantial Savings in Promo Inventory.

2. Maximizing % Conversion to Promo GRP Spend.

3. Getting Newer Audiences.

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Ad Optimizer

1. Maximize Ad Revenue for the Day.

2. Handles Complex Scheduling Guidelines.

3. Minimizes Spot Rejections.

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Facility Management

1. Managing and Scheduling Work Orders.

2. Managing Editors and Rostering.

3. Studio Performance Analytics.

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Sciffer is one of the prime movers in developing creative optimizers and planners for the media sector with unmatched capabilities and exclusive services. We have a history of building strategic and insight-driven solutions, tailor-made for the user to maximize efficiency and productivity. With our services, we aim to provide accurate results and in turn inspiring actions.

The Trailblazers

Each team member is conversant with his domain. Collectively, we work towards the common goals of providing you with the best returns on every investment, inspiring actions and building loyalty across every touchpoint.

Karan Kabra

CEO and Founder

Chandni Priya


Aditya Kulkarni


Ameya Shah

Research & Delivery

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