Optimized TV Playlist for Movies to Maximize GRP (all clusters) using BARC

Optimized TV Playlist for Music to Maximize Viewership by using data of BARC, YouTube, etc.

Audience Impressions Performance Trend (Market, Gender, NCCS, Age Group), Competition Heat Maps

OTT Content Consumption by Consumer Segment (Location, Age, Gender, SEC)

Use Data Insights to Enhance your Customers' Experience

Optimally Utilize Your Library

Protect your library content against under or over utilization and even decay by sufficiently resting the content.

Maximize Audience Impressions

Boost your GPR, potentially by 5%, by scheduling movies on account of variables like channel, slot, day of week, gap between airings, etc.

Use Data Analytics to Improve Content Performance

Predict Box Office & TV Performance

Use meta data, text analytics, Google & Youtube analytics, past perfomance, amongst other data to predict performance of fresh data.

One-upmanship Sustained by Data

Day part & movie level analysis versus competition channels to get actionable insights with scheduling suggestions incorporating competition timetables.

Data That Sets You Apart

Automatic weekly schedules created by the optimizer with intenstive data learning
Heat map analysis depending on viewing habits at specific hours, on specific days
Movie performance analytics based on GRP, TVR, TSV and resting days
Comprehensive location and target group analysis to create more valuable content for viewers

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