Audience Analysis, Competition Metrics in order to Optimize Marketing Spend

OTT Content Consumption by Consumer Segment (Location, Age, Gender, SEC)

Optimized Ad Placement to achieve CPRP of large advertisers & automated system to suggest make-goods

Optimized Media Budget Planning & Scheduling for Advertisers/Agencies to Maximize Bang for the Buck

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your relationship with data

Sciffer Ad Optimizer is a tried and tested product of extensive machine learning and data science models, helping you make data driven decisions to immedately see increase in your revenues.

Analyse high and low point in content using video and audio analytics, and forecast competition break schedule for suggesting the optimal break placement and duration

Potential uplift in ad revenues to up to 5% by minimizing dropped spots and meeting minimum protection constraint of high volume advertisers. Also suggests optimal break position & duration.

By optimal scheduling of promo creatives, promo campaign reach targets can be achieved by using up to 7-8% lower inventory

Based on existing bookings, the RO Optimizer creates an inventory heat map for the month. This helps balance subsequent booking of ROs. This is a continuous process & pre-emptive in nature.

Whether You Buy or Sell

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Buying (in a nutshell)

Optimization of overall media spend across platforms to maximize audience reach and impressions

Selling (in a nutshell)

Options for TV with pricing optimization for breaks and ads and for digital platforms with dynamic ad insertions

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